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Adding a "View More Results" button to Live-Search on Magento 2

Let customers know that you have more products

Due to how's Designs work, its easy to add a link in the bottom of the Live-Search dropdown, that shows all products matching a customers query.

A simple snippet code for creating this link, can be seen here:

<div style="margin: 7px; min-width: 200px; text-align: center;">
    <a href="javascript:Clerk.ui.$('#search').closest('form').submit();"><u style="font-weight: bold;">View More Results</u></a>

It assumes that the ID of your input-field is search . If not, simply change it in the above code at Clerk.ui.$('#insert_id')

To insert it, go to -> Search -> Designs and click Edit Design for your Live-Search Design.

In Container Code, simply copy-paste the snippet in the bottom:

Click Update Design and you will now be able to see the button in your dropdown: