's search function consists of two parts:

  • The Live-Search dropdown that is displayed when a customer starts typing.
  • The Search Page which displays all matching products on a full page.

From the main menu of the Setup Guide, start by clicking Setup Now:

1. Create Standard Designs

The first thing you need to do, is create Standard Designs. You can use the Setup Guide to quickly create Designs that have the same color scheme and style as your webshop.

Start by creating a Design for the Search Page:

And then for the Live-Search:

You can easily change your designs later, under Designs in the left menu.

Click Use These Designs when you are happy with the styling.

2. Activate the Live-Search and Search Page

The next page will guide you through the steps needed to activate the search function:

After enabling the features, you will be able to see's search function on your webshop.

Finalise the setup by clicking Done.

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