Our Audience Best Practices

Follow these steps and make your marketing strategy successful in no time!

You have subscribed to Clerk.io’s Audience tool and now you want to make the most out of it!

Clerk.io’s Audience tool lets you instantly find the right customers for your emails and ad campaigns, by combining numerous parameters, such as customer interests, life cycle stage, price sensitivity and much more…

This article will guide you throughout our Best Practises for the Audience tool that will make your marketing strategy successful in no time!

The video below summarises the points in this article:

1) Make the most out of our Interested in parameter

Our Interested In parameter is the most advanced and unique feature that will allow you to find potential buyers for your products.

Clerk.io tracks every action of your customers, from click paths and page views while they browse, to search history and order history. Then, it combines all this information into a data model that is able to identify what your customers will be interested in buying, even if they have not bought anything like it yet.

Clerk.io’s Audience - Interested In parameter

Combine it with the numerous parameters available in the Audience tool to create even more advanced segmentation.

The table below presents examples of use cases with Audience, using the parameter Interested in:


Use Case

Interested in the Brand Adidas

There may be unused opportunities amongst your existing customers. You will be able to increase your CTR and lower the unsubscribe rate by sending a dedicated newsletter to this Audience recommending the relevant products.

Interested in the brand Adidas but that Have not Purchased Adidas yet

This Audience contains customers who have shown an interest in this brand in the past but never purchased it.

Interested in the brand Adidas with Website Activity less than 7 days

These customers visited your webshop recently and showed an interest in this particular brand. It is the moment to catch their attention with a dedicated email campaign promoting the brand.

Interested in the brand Adidas and Price Sensitivity is “Buys expensive products”

Customers in this Audience tend to buy expensive products, when compared to your store average. A newsletter recommending high-priced items from the brand will capture their interest.

You will be able to export these Audiences to Google and Facebook and target exactly the customers you want to advertise with external marketing campaigns.

In addition, you can export Clerk.io’s Audiences to external email marketing platforms, like MailChimp, Klaviyo, MagNews and others.

This is particularly relevant nowadays since ads platforms are increasingly limiting the ability to segment customers based on sensitive data due to privacy concerns.

Moreover, since the price of ads is based on the number of recipients reached, it is crucial to target the most relevant customer segments for each campaign.

2) Segment your customers according to Importance and Lifecycle

Powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, Clerk.io’s Audiencecontinuously and dynamically categorises customers based on their unique shopping behaviour.

In the table below, you can find some examples on how to use the Audience parameters Importance and Lifecycle:


Use Case

Importance is “One Time Buyers”

Converting an existing customer into a repeat customer is much cheaper than finding a new one. You will be able to turn these customers into a great source of profit with a personalised email.

Importance is “Loyal Customers”

Loyal customers represent the most of your revenue. Make them feel special with tailored offers and products and maximise your customer retention.

Importance is “VIP”

VIP customers can deliver as much as 20% of all revenue. It is therefore vitally important to nurture them regularly with tailored products and offers.

Importance is “Loyal Customers” or “Vip” and Made an Order in a given timeframe

Target your best customers based on a purchase made at a specific time, for example just before Christmas. You will be able to stand out by anticipating when they will need to buy again, making them feel special with dedicated offers.

Life Cycle is “Slipping Away” or “Lost”

These customers broke their purchase pattern compared to their previous order history. Target them with dedicated promotions and discounts through both personalised emails and ads that incentivise re-engagement.

Win-back campaigns will remind them of your brand and will reactivate their journey with you.

3) Use Audience in combination with Clerk.io’s Email tool

When using Clerk.io’s Audience and Email tools together, you will be able to segment customers by interests, life cycle, amount of purchases and many other parameters, and then pair them with great product recommendations that are specifically relevant to their shopping experience.

Create Campaigns dedicated to your best selling brands or categories and address them to your custom Audiences.

Clerk.io’s Email tool will then continuously find the best time to send the email, depending on each customer’s purchase behaviour.

4) Use Audience in combination with Ad platforms

By using Audience in combination with paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook you will get a unique double AI combo when advertising to customers.

With Audience, create a segment of relevant customers that have already been on your webshop. Send the data to Facebook or Google which can then use the information to find similar users that have not necessarily been on your webshop yet.

Facebook - Create a Lookalike Audience feature

5) Let Clerk’s analytics take your business to the next level!

Clerk.io offers real-time Audience insights that will provide you actionable feedback for your e-commerce business.

Get a quick overview of your Customer Base Growth over time and optimise your business strategy accordingly.

Clerk.io’s Audience - Customer Base Growth

You will also be able to analyse advanced metrics for each Audience you have created such as Total Revenue generated by these customers, Total Orders, the Average Order Value and the Average Order Frequency and compare them with your total store averages.

Clerk.io’s Audience - Customer Base Growth

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