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Checking and Removing Customer Data

Checking and Removing Customer Data Use the backend to see customer sensitive data and delete it if necessary Stefan Lorenz Olsen

IMPORTANT: Before removing a customer from, remember to also remove them from your webshop platform

As a data-processor, stores customers' email address, purchase-history click-history which is sensitive data. 

In response to GDPR we have made it very easy to check this data and remove the customers email address and click-history from an order, thereby keeping the order data, but making it anonymous. This is called Forgetting Customer. 

To see a customers profile, start by logging in to and search for the email address of the customer you want to Forget:

This lets you see the orders and recent activity of this customer

In the bottom of the page you will see the Forget Customer button:

Click this button, and confirm the action: 

This way, you get to keep the data from the order to optimise, but without any personal data attached to it.

Alternatively, you can run this API-call where you just need to insert you store's public and private API key and the email of the customer you want to forget:

See more her:

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