Customized Search

What is it and how to use Customized Search.

Customized Search allows you to change the results of the different sections on the live search and search page based on different keyword searches. You can customize every aspect of what is shown to your customers including products, categories, pages and suggestions.

Simply by searching for specific products, categories, pages and suggestions to Include or Exclude from your live search/search page based on your chosen keyword you can customize the data that your customers see.

Head to your backend and on the left hand menu, select Search and then Customized Search.

Customized Search Scope

Rules can be added either to just 1 Store or multiple ones at the same time, giving you the freedom to add rules on your entire account or some specific Stores.

From the Customized Search overview, choose Single Store to create rules for this store only, or Multiple Stores to add cross-Store rules.

For Multi-Store, you can choose the exact scope under Modify Scope:

The scope can also be changed later on the Campaign itself:

First you will need to create the search by clicking Add Rules .

On the next page enter your query and click Add.

You will then be presented with 4 options, select the section you would like to customize. Once you have done this you can then Include/Exclude items from that section by clicking on the I nclude/Exclude buttons.

Once you have clicked on include or exclude you will be able to search for the products, categories, pages and suggestions you would like. Click the items you would like and they will be added to the list.

From the Included items list, you can easily reorder, move to the Excluded list or delete the item from the list entirely.

From the Excluded items list, you can easily move the item to the Included list and remove the product from the list entirely.

When you have finished customizing the search and are ready to activate the changes you have made you will just need to click Save and your changes will reflect on the site instantly.

You can see all of the customised searches you have created in the Customized Search dashboard. Here you have an overview of the queries that have been set along with which rules are activated for the given query.


  • Any Merchandising campaigns that you have added will be prioritised if it clashes with a Customized Search that you have set.
  • There is no limit to the amount of products, categories, pages and suggestions you can include/exclude. However, be aware that you can only show the amount of items that you set the limit for on that data set.

Example: Your live search shows 8 Products and 4 categories. If you selected more than 8 products or 4 categories, live search will only display the first 8 products and 4 categories you have selected.