In Magento 1, you can add custom product attributes to the extension, if needed.

You can make the changes in this file:


Adding simple attributes

If your attribute uses a standard Magento function, this can be implemented directly in Product.php.

The function getClerkExportData() builds the product-object, with all the attributes:

You can then add new attributes in the list with this syntax:


where setAttributeName defines the name you want it to have in, and insertMagentoLogic();  uses a Magento logic to pull a value from the product.

Using custom attribute functions

Sometimes, a Magento attribute might require a more advanced logic, than a simple function. In this case, locate this file:


In Productbase.php you can write advanced PHP functions to load custom attributes.

After defining a function, you can include it in Product.php just like the existing functions.

For example: 


After implementing your attributes, go to>Data and click Start New Data Sync in the upper right corner.

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