This guide shows you how to upgrade from previous versions of our extension, to the latest one.

You can download the latest extension from this link:'s latest Magento extensions uses a new and more stable import method for synchronising with the webshop. Due to this, there are a couple of things you need to do when upgrading from a previous version of the extension. 

1. Save any changes made to the old extension

If you made any changes to any part of the extension, they need to be copied over to the new extension.

Also, if you updated the Data.php file in the old extension with custom product-attributes then they need to be copied over.

The new extension uses two files to generate the product data, so your custom attributes should be integrated to these.

Both can be found in
-> code -> community -> Clerk -> Clerk -> Model -> Catalog :

Product.php (For building the product objects)
(For writing custom functions to fetch Magento product data)

The Data Helpers

Remember to deactivate and uninstall the old extension!

Before attempting to upgrade, it is very important that you first deactivate the old extension in the Magentos Configuration page, and then uninstall it either through Magento Connect or by deleting the files from FTP if you installed it directly here. 

Otherwise, your Configuration page might stop functioning and neither extension will work afterwards.

2. Change the Sync Method

Instead of the product-feed, the new extension uses an Import API to fetch data from Magento.

After installation, a new Import URL will be available in the backend. Copy this link and go to Data in

Here you should choose the Magento 1 Sync Method, and insert the URL. 

Choose a page size of 100, include orders from All Time, and set the language to that of your webshop. 

Press Save and then Start Full Data Sync to synchronise.

3. Update prices in Designs

Price variables have been changed to allow for more customisation in the new extension, which includes sending prices with and without taxes.

The price and special_price variables have now been replaced with the following attributes:

price_retail_excl_tax | price_retail_incl_tax

price_final_excl_tax  | price_final_incl_tax

The price_final_incl/excl_tax variables always contain the products current price, also if it's on sale.

The price_retail_incl_excl_tax contains the before-price in case the product is on sale.

An example of how to use the new prices in a Design:

After updating your prices, you will successfully have updated your installation. 

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