Sending simple attributes from the Prestashop Admin

If the attributes you want to send is already available in Catalog->Product Attributes in your Prestashop admin, the attributes can easily be added on the module page.

Go to Modules And Services -> Clerk -> Configure.

Under Data Sync Settings, type in the attribute Names separated by comma in Additional Fields:

Sending custom attributes

Custom attributes, that are more advanced, can be added through the module files in FTP.

This file handles the product-attributes:

Each attribute has its own fieldHandler , which is used to pull it, in the function __construct 

Simply add your attribute here, with the following syntax:


Where CLERK_ATTRIBUTE_NAME defines the name you want it to have in and PRESTASHOP_LOGICis the code for pulling the attribute from Prestashop.

Lastly, include your new attributes in the function getDefaultFields()  in the bottom of the file.

After implementing your attributes, go to>Data and click Start New Data Sync in the upper right corner.

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