's Filter Interface can be used for each Content to narrow down results based on your product-attributes.

You will locate this option on Recommendations/Search/Email -> Content -> Edit Content -> Choose Product Logic. At the bottom you will find Filter Results.

When creating filters, the Interface will show you how many products match the filter and the generated filter string.

Each part of the filter consists of the following:

  • An Attribute to filter by
  • A Comparison deciding how the attribute should be compared to the value
  • A Value deciding what the attribute should be compared to

Simple Filters

A simple filter showing only products equal to or above 50€ can be seen here:

Stacking Filters

Filters can be stacked by clicking the green "+" and choosing a logic with the And / Or button.

  • And will show products that must match both the filter before it, **and** the current one.
  • Or will show products that match **any** of the filters.

A simple filter showing only products equal to or above 50€ and only from the manufacturer Filibabba:

And another example showing products from either Filibabba or Kids by Friis as the manufacturer:

Grouping Filters

Grouping allows you to create more specific filters. Clicking the "Group -->" button causes the next filters you add to be handled separately from the rest.

This can be used to show products that always match the first part of the filter, but only match one of multiple filters in the group. 

An example, showing products that cost no more than €600 and are either in stock or have a visibility of four:  

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