Designs determine how products should be rendered visually. For Email Recommendations, they can be found under Designs -> E-mail Designs at

A single Design can be used across multiple Email Content blocks.

Creating new Designs are easy, as the built-in wizard lets you pick a starting platform and style to get a quick, good-looking template:

After creating an initial Design, you can change it in any way you want in the editor with the Email Template language, which is a modified version of Liquid. You can read about the Email Template Language here.

Each Design has these settings:

The name of the Email Design, as displayed on the Designs page.

Defines the width of each product in pixels.

Defines the height of each product in pixels.

Product HTML:
The HTML code used to render each single product. Product attributes can be inserted via the Email Template language. By default, new Designs come with HTML for a simple product design that renders an image, name, price and a call-to-action button.

You can use this editor to write custom CSS for use in your Designs. Any CSS you write will be rendered in the products design.

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