In some setups, Require.js stops Clerk.js from loading, which means that no sliders or search results will be shown.

When this happens, the following error will be shown in your console:
Uncaught ReferenceError: Clerk is not defined 

There are two ways to handle Require.js. Both approaches require you to make changes to the tracking-script in this file:

wp-content -> plugins -> clerkio -> includes -> class-clerk-visitor-tracking.php

Include "clerk" in Require.js

The best approach is trying to get Require.js to recognize

You can do this by inserting require(['clerk'], function() {}); in the bottom of the tracking script:

Ignoring Require.js

If the above solution doesn't work, its possible to ignore Require.js.

You can do this by inserting window.__clerk_ignore_requirejs = true;
in the top of the tracking script:

After using one of these approaches, Require.js will now be compatible with

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