's Recommendations can be installed on any page of the webshop, to help customers find the right products. 

With the Setup Guide, you can see which pages to install recommendations on, and which types to use, to get our Best Practice running.

From the main menu of the setup guide, start by clicking Setup Now:

1. Create a Standard Design

The first thing you need to do, is create a Standard Design for your sliders. You can use the Setup Guide to quickly create a Design that has the same color scheme and style as your webshop:

You can easily change this later, under Designs in the left menu.

Click Use This Design when you are happy with the styling.

2. Selecting Which Recommendations To Use

Next, each step of the Setup Guide focuses on a specific page of the webshop.

They contain information about 

  • Why recommendations are important on the page.
  • Which recommendations types to use.
  • Where on the page they should be placed.

Click Use This Content for each type of recommendations you want to use.

This will activate the recommendations, and allow you to insert them to your webshop.

3. Inserting Recommendations

After choosing which recommendations to use for a page, you can add them to your webshop.

3.1 Inserting with plugin

Some pages allow recommendatons to be added directly through the plugin.

Check the bottom of each step for a specific installation guide in these cases:

If no specific guide is shown, or if you want to customise the placement of the banners, you can use the embedcodes. 

3.2 Inserting with Embedcodes

For each type of recommendations, simply copy the embedcode and insert them to the file that generates the relevant page in your webshop:

Click Next to go to the next page.

Continue with these steps for all the pages you want recommendations on.

When you reach the end of the Setup Guide, click Done to finalise the setup.

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