automatically identifies which products are great for cross-selling, no matter which product a user is looking at, but in special cases you might want to manually choose a set of products, that should always show up as accessories. 

To add accessories, start by going to Product Accessories in the side-menu of and click New Accessory Association:

Find the product you want to add accessories to, under Product ID.

You can find it in one of two ways:

  • Search for the products ID directly
  • Search for the name of the product

Click Select Product for the one you want:

Now you can search in the same way under Accessories, for any product you want to show up as an accessory, 

Click Add To List for the products you want to add:

You can follow this process for as many products as you want to add.

Products you add under Accessories will become accessories to each other. In the example below, the Swing Time Earrings will be shown as a complementary product to the Pearl Necklace Set and the Pearl Necklace Set will be shown as complementary Swing Time Earrings. 

You can also add Directed Accessories which means they only work one way - in this case, the Swing Time Earrings will be shown as complementary to Pearl Necklace Set but not the other way around.

When you are done, click Create Accessories.

Now you are accessories are active in your Best Cross-Sell slider:

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