The Personal Demo is an easy way to see exactly how will work with your webshop. You can see several cool examples here.

What do I need in order get a Personal Demo?

  • A free Test-Account where your Personal Demo will be created from.
  • Access to your Prestashop backend, and access to installing Modules.

What can I expect from the Personal Demo?

  • Full guidance in syncing your webshop with
  • Free, hands-on insights into how will work on your webshop.
  • Examples of how will improve your sales.

How is the Personal Demo set up?

On the day of the Personal Demo, a Customer Success team-mate will join you on Hangouts, and guide you through these 3 easy steps:

  1. Configuring the Store in
  2. Installing the extension in your webshops backend.
  3. Syncing your data to the account. 

Customer Success will then personalise your demo and one of our colleagues will call you right after, to show you how can help your webshop.

Ready for your Personal Demo? 

If you have any questions, we are here to help on live-chat, email and by phone!

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