The Personal Demo is an easy way to see exactly how will work with your webshop. You can see several cool examples here.

See just how simple it is to get a Personal Demo on Shopify:

Create a free account

1. Start by signing up for your free account from here:
2. Type in all the information for the webshop:

3. Click Click Here To Start
4. You will then be redirected to the backend. Write in the information for the webshop here:

5. When you are done, click Add New Store.

Syncing with Shopify

1. After adding your Store, click on Sync your data

2.  This page shows you how setup the sync in Shopify:

3. Log in to your Shopify backend.
4. Click on Apps

5. In the bottom, click on Manage private apps:

6. Click on Create a new private app

6. Write "Clerk" as the app name and use as the emergency email:

7. Accept the changes:

8. Now that you have the required information, simply copy it over to, and click on Start Sync:

9. Wait for the sync to finish. It will take between 2-15 minutes depending on the webshops catalog. The page will likely change a couple of times during this.

10. When its done, you will be redirected to the setup guide again. Go to Settings from there:

11. Click on Explore Demo Store:

12. Voila! Your brand new Personal Demo store can now be browsed:

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