The first step to install, is connecting your online store with your account. 

1. Add Store 

After logging in to, the first thing you need to do is add your Store: 

  1. Write the Name and Domain of your online store.
  2. Choose the Language and Currency, and Choose Shoporama as the Platform.
  3. Click Add Store

2. Configure your Shoporama store

To successfully configure your Shoporama store you will need two pieces of data: the API Access and the Store URL. To find the Access Token go to the backend of your online store and to Settings -> API.

Create a new API access by clicking on Add access.

Name the new API account, set the rights to Read Only and Save it.

Once you have saved the new access, Shoporama will send you back to the API page where you will find the API Access Token.

3. Sync your store

From the main menu of go to Data. Find Sync Method, select Shoporama from the dropdown list and paste the API Access and Store URL in the appropriate fields.  

After creating the new API Access, you simply need to synchronise your store. 

Scroll up and click Start New Data Sync 

Now your store is connected to Clerk :)  

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