First thing you have to do to change the logging settings is to go into your Magento2 backend and choose Stores => Configuration => Clerk => Configuration:

Find the dropdown called Logging Settings and set your preferred logging settings. End by clicking Save:

The Logging settings include:

Choose logging Level

  • Only Errors: Will log any errors that stops the module from working correctly
  • Errror + Warn: Also logs warnings that are not causing the module to stop working, but might be necessary to fix as well. 
  • Error + Warn + Debug: Logs everything that the module interacts with. This should not be enabled on a live webshop as it will slow down the site. 

Choose where to log

  • File: Will save the log to a file on the Magento2 server. 
  • Will log everything to Data->Logs in the backend.

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