The GDPR Dashboard offers an always-up-to-date overview of the data you are sending to, and which Sub-Processors are using that data to optimise the results you show to customers.

Sub-Processor uses a number of Sub-Processors to store and use the data that you send.

The Sub-Processors that are used, depends on which products and features you are using. Any Sub-Processors that are using your data, will be highlighted with green.


Since a Company can have any amount of Stores, the data section is sorted based on the data that is accessible in each Store respectively.

Each data type is indicated with a green checkmark if the corresponding Store has access to that data type.

Website Browsing History

The Store successfully tracks Visitor IDs and associates behaviour with it.

Purchase Preferences

The Store is able to identify customers and can generate recommendations based on preferences. Preferences based on a customers clicks or previous purchase history.

E-Mail Address

The Store has access to email-addresses from customers.

Order History

The Store has access to historical order data, independent from the ability to identify customers.


The Store has access to customers, independent from the ability to identify customers.

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