Syncing Blogs and Pages from WordPress as secondary source

How to import blogs and pages to your Clerk store from WordPress, even if it isn’t your e-Commerce platform

From v4.1.7 of our WordPress Plugin you have the ability to sync pages, posts and other blog content to any Clerk store.

Since a store in is primarily connected to your e-commerce platform in order to share information on catalogs, orders and customers, it can be challenging to keep your blogging content in sync with Clerk if it is not managed on that platform.

Because of this, we now provide a no-code solution for keeping this content in sync with any Clerk store regardless of primary platform, if you manage your blogs through WordPress/WooCommerce.


In order to use the feature, simply install our plugin on your WordPress site. In the module settings you should then configure your API keys, taken from the store in you wish to sync your content with.

Since we only want to import written content in this case, you should only need to enable Use Real-time Updates in the Data Sync: Pages section.

After saving the settings you will see a button to the right of the checkbox, with the text Sync Pages. You can press this to immediately push all the pages to the store.

You can also enter additional attributes you wish to retrieve for the pages in question, as well as the inclusion of custom page types you may have created using third party plugins.

You should only need to press the Sync Pages button once, as any change to a page, publication of a new page, archival or deletion of one will be caught by our plugin and updated in the store automatically.

If you wish to ensure that no pages are pulled from any other source during the nightly sync for the store, we also recommend turning the full sync for pages off in

This can be done in System Status -> Data Sync, by turning Import Pages off.