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A breakdown of what Autoscaling is and how does it work.

Copy Content And Designs From An Existing Store

How to copy the designs and the content from an existing store when creating new stores.

User Roles

How to use User Roles to manage larger teams with many contributors.

How Usage Is Measured

Check how measures the usage of each product you use.

A Step-by-step Guide for Changing Platforms

Answering common questions about functionality when updating your webshop to a new platform.

Adding a New Store

How to add a new store.

Adding New Users

How to add developers, colleagues and other users to your account.

Deleting a Store from

Remove a Store from completely.

How do I log in to

How to log into and the available ways to do so.

Removing Users

How to remove users and collaborators from your Company.

Users with Access to Multiple Accounts

Check how agencies and developers can access all their accounts from one login

Using Your Billing Section

A breakdown of your billing section in your backend. Includes subscription, invoices, billing information and payment details.