A Step-by-step Guide for Changing Platforms

Answering common questions about Clerk.io functionality when updating your webshop to a new platform.

Should I create a new store?

Yes! To maintain your historical store data, creating a new store in my.clerk.io is best when changing to a new webshop platform.

  • In my.clerk.io, select your store name from the top left of the screen, and choose “Add New Store” at the bottom of the dropdown that appears.

  • In the “Store Info” module, be sure to name your newly created store, set the domain, language, and currency, as well as select your new platform from the dropdown.

  • Just like when you set up your original store, you’ll also choose whether or not this is a live store or test store, and have the option to enter an email to receive data sync alerts.

  • Follow the instructions for setting up your new webshop and data feed using your new platform, as if this is a brand new store.

Am I going to lose any data from the dashboard?

  • No. Since you’ve created a new store instead of replacing your original, you will still have access to all of your historical Clerk.io data by clicking on your original store in my.clerk.io.
    • Note: The data for your original store and newly created store will be separate in the dashboards, but both will continue to be accessible in the Clerk.io backend.

Can Clerk.io maintain everything “learned” about the behavior of my customers?

Yes. To maintain the “learnings” from your original store, you’ll need to pass that historical data to your new store. To do this, you have the option to:

  • Include historical order data with your data sync, or

  • Upload data as a One-Time CSV file.

Both actions are available in your Data Sync Settings, under “Data” in the left-side menu in my.clerk.io.

  • To use the " include historical data" option, be sure that you’ve transferred any store data from your original store to your new webshop platform, so this data will be accessible in the new store.

  • To use a one-time CSV file to upload your historical data, you’ll need to download the original store data from your store as a CSV, to then upload to Clerk.io in your new store.