Adding New Users

How to add developers, colleagues and other users to your account. supports a single User to have access to as many Companies and Stores as they want.

Due to this, we recommend that every person using creates their own User with their own email. This way, you don’t have to share logins or passwords.

Adding a New User To Your Company

Go to your Home screen and find the company you want to add a User to. You do this by clicking the Store name in the upper left corner, and then on your Company name:

Then click the Users icon in the left-side menu.

On the Users screen, click Invite New User:

Enter the email of the user you want to add and click Add User to give them access.

If a User already has access to another Company, they will automatically have access to your Company next time they log in.

If they haven’t used before, they will get a welcome email with a link for creating a User. After this, they will have access to your Company.