A breakdown of what Autoscaling is and how does it work.

What is Autoscaling? keeps your customers engaged on your webshop for longer, increasing basket size, average order value and more. With customers engaging for longer your usage may increase outside your current usage tier. However, an increase in usage is a positive sign that your store is growing.

Autoscaling happens when the average usage increases. The account is autoscaled to the relevant tier based on the usage and you will receive an email notification with a breakdown of the autoscale included. We of course don’t autoscale if there is a temporary peak in usage, like on Black Friday.

Reducing usage

If you would like to reduce your usage, it is simply a case of reducing the amount of content on your site, such as recommendations sliders or the amount of email snippets used in your emails. Book a review with your Customer Success Manager to guide you through the removal of content to ensure your best performing content is not removed and any unnecessary content increasing usage is highlighted.

What next?

Following the removal of any content, you should start to see your usage decrease, you can track this in the backend under usage in the management section (This will always be the top selection). You will see a full usage dashboard breaking down your usage

Over the following 3 months you can monitor your average usage here and once you are below the usage tier you are currently on you can book a review with your Customer Success Manager to go over this.