Copy Content And Designs From An Existing Store

How to copy the designs and the content from an existing store when creating new stores.

When you create a new store in, you can save yourself a lot of work if you use the same setup as your existing store by simply copying the content and designs.

This is very handy if you are creating a new store for a different language, or a new domain for your original store.

In your Dashboard, click on the current Store name in the upper right corner:

Near the bottom of the popup, click + Add New Store:

Fill in the details for your store and click Advanced:

Under Copy Content From Existing Store choose the store you want to duplicate from the dropdown. You can even choose if you want to include some elements from the Store:

Click Add New Store.

The new store will then be created with the same Designs and Content as your existing store, ready to use.

Now you just need to make minor changes in the Designs (such as changing the currency symbols and button texts for example).