How to Read Data Health

How to Read Data Health Check on the quality of your data to be sure everything is running smoothly with Carlen Wilutis

Health Checks are a great way to assess the quality of data synced from your webshop to In, head over to Data > Health from the main left-side menu.

Data Quality

You’ll notice a very general data quality status at the top of the page. This is color-coded with a green or red bar.

Of course, it’s best to see a green bar with the message " Your data quality is great!" to indicate solid data health at an overall level:

A red bar with the message " Your data quality limits your sales!" indicates there is at least one “Critical Problem” within the data synced to from your store:

Check the “Health Checks” section for more detailed information on the specific Critical Problem(s) affecting the data quality synced from your webshop.

Health Checks

The Health Checks section provides more in-depth information about specific aspects of your data quality. Similar to the overall data quality section, these are separated into color-coded groups: red (critical problems), yellow (possible improvement), and green (working great).

Critical Problems ( red):

  • Critical Problems are marked red and need to be fixed to ensure quality data is passed to

  • Issues you find here are essential to’s ability to optimize Search and Recommendations in your store, and can include topics like:

    • Data Sync not being configured

    • Failure of a recent Data Sync

    • No Products, Categories, or Orders provided in the data

    • Sales Tracking not working properly within your webshop

Possible Improvements ( yellow):

  • Data specifics marked with a yellow dot are seen as possible improvements that could be made to the data passed along to These details aren’t essential for to run effectively in your store, but incorporating these changes may further optimize performance.

    • In this section, you may find notes about specific Product attributes not currently passed to in your data, like “Brand”, “SKU”, or “Gender”.

    • You may also find information about your product image sizes being too large, or a low percentage of products being registered in an order.

Working Great ( green):

  • Data specifics marked green indicate high-quality data is being sent and that these details are working well in the store. Here, you may find messages about:

    • The most recent product sync being successful

    • Sales Tracking running appropriately

    • All Products also have associated Categories

    • A solid number of active Products, as well as high number of Categories and/or Product Attributes