Audience Overview

Learn what makes’s Audience tool the best on the market!

Our Audience Best Practices

Follow these steps and make your marketing strategy successful in no time!

8 Ways of using Audience to make your marketing smarter

These examples give you a great start with Audience

Find customers who haven't bought a great cross-sell product yet

Help your customers complete a set of products, that they might not have thought of

Find customers who will be likely to buy a specific product, brand, category etc.

Catering to customer interests is a great way to increase engagement

Find more potential buyers for your products

With Audience, you can easily find customers who have not yet purchased a specific product, even though they will be likely to.

Four Basic Implementations to Get Started with Email and Audience

Choice paralysis is a thing, so let us choose for you!

Get more of your best customers

Use Facebook to find more customers who are similar to your best ones

Nurture your VIP customers

Keep your best customers coming back, by making them feel special

Reactivate Inactive Customers

Your inactive customers might be likely to come back if you remind them of your presence

Target customers who purchased at a specific time

Knowing the exact date a customer placed an order, makes it easier to send them a follow-up email with relevant products

Turn One Time Buyers into Loyal Customers

Your One Time Buyers are a gold-mine of potential returning customers

Audience Metric Definitions

See what each customer metric means in Audience

Customer Analytics Dashboard

A breakdown of the Customer Analytics Dashboard.