8 Ways of using Audience to make your marketing smarter

These examples give you a great start with Audience

Find customers who will be likely to buy a specific product, brand, category etc.

Increase your CTR and lower the unsubscribe rate by sending newsletters only to those customers who are actually interested in your offer.

Reactivate Inactive Customers

Reactivating inactive customers is one of the greatest sources of additional revenue. Just imagine if you could get every inactive customer to buy just once per year.

Get more of your best customers

Your VIP customers deliver as much as 20% of all revenue. Getting more customers up to the same VIP level can give a vital boost to your sales.

Find more potential buyers for your products

There may be unused opportunities amongst your existing customers. Find customers who are interested in certain products that you offer, but haven’t actually purchased them yet.

Find customers who haven’t bought a great cross-sell product yet

Target the customers who have bought a shirt, but didn’t actually buy the matching shoes or pants.

Turn One Time Buyers into Loyal Customers

Up to 90% of all your customers will only purchase from you once, and then never come back. This has huge unused potential since an existing customer is much easier, and cheaper, to convert than a finding a new one.

Target customers who purchased at a specific time

An easy way to get ahead of competition is to stay relevant. Targeting customers based on a purchase that was made at a specific time is a great way to stand out by anticipating when they will need to buy again.

Nurture your VIP customers

VIP customers can deliver as much as 20% of all revenue. It is therefore vitally importance to nurture them regularly with tailored products and offers.

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