Customer Analytics Dashboard

A breakdown of the Customer Analytics Dashboard.

What is the Customer Analytics Dashboard?

Customer analytics help you understand who your customers are, how they behave and also drive acquisition and retention. Overall this will provide better, more personalized experiences for your customers.

We created the Customer Analytics Dashboard to give you access to these insights at your finger tips.

What can you expect to see?

The dashboard has 2 sections, the Overview and Segment Details.

The Overview is broken into the customer categories, number of active customers and a customer base growth graph. The Segment Details is broken into, selected audience, overview of the audience, insight per customer and a list of the most popular products.


Customer Categories

Here you can see which category your customers fall into along with the count, average orders, basket size, annual orders, revenue and percentage lost. For further information on the categories check out this article here.

Number of Active Customers

Here you can see the number of customers that are actively buying from your store. We will recognise changes in the customers buying patterns and automatically adjust the number based on their behaviour.

Customer Base Growth

This graph shows you how your customer base is growing. You can see new customers, active customers, customers that are slipping away and lost customers. For further information on this, check out this article here.

Segment Details

Select Audience

Here you can select the audience data you would like to look at.

Overview for Selected Audience

A general overview for the audience you have selected.

Insights Per Customer for Selected Audience

An average insight per customer in the audience that you are viewing.

Most Popular Products

A list of the most popular products purchased by your customers in the selected audience.

Audience Settings

At the top of the Segment Details page you can access the viewed audience directly by clicking the Audience Settings button.