Four Basic Implementations to Get Started with Email and Audience

Choice paralysis is a thing, so let us choose for you!

Email and Audience are such powerful tools but maybe you don’t know how to get started with them?

If the hundreds of different uses of Email and Audience, that you have been described by our salespeople kind of paralyze you, here’s a great kickstart for your automated newsletter flows!

Warning : as GDPR-compliant data processor, we can sync only the email addresses that have previously been granted the authorisation to be contacted for marketing / sales purposes with your newsletter platform.

So in order to work well with our solution, make sure that your newsletter marketing strategy is working properly ;)

The more of your customers who are also newsletter subscribers, the more money you can make!

Golden Rule #1: Add Some Vitamins to Your Order Receipt

Disclaimer: These suggestions can be applied based on the Standard GDPR laws . Please check with your legal advisor to check if you are entitled to execute them in your country.

We need to acknowledge that the rational consumer does not exists.

When you visit your local supermarket, how many times do you bring your grocery list with you? Probably never. And when that happens, you buy everything besides what you went there to buy. You have probably heard about this phenomenon called " impulsive purchase".

Your ecommerce is your customers’ supermarket. Customers can easily forget to buy one or more products, so let’s make sure that they figure it out while still on the spot.

So, let’s make sure that within the order confirmation receipt issued by your CMS there is a content of Email that uses the product logic called “Recommendations based on orders”.

That will make sure that your receipts will eventually show to your customers what they missed on your website. A share of your customers will add the recommended products to their orders, which will increase your sales!

Golden Rule #2: Tickle the “Slipping Away” Customers

We all know that the internet is the land of opportunities.

A funny statement, since it means also that whatever you are selling, you’re not the only one selling it. “It’s the competition, baby!”.

As a result, all e-commerces (all) have a share of customers that still buy from them but less and less often. These customers are called “Slipping Away” in our Audience tool.

These customers, in other words, are going to be commercially “Lost” soon. Soon, they will not buy anything anymore from your website. You should create something like a fidelity program… and with Audience, you can do that!

Visit –> Audience –> Audiences

then click on “Create new Audience”, name your audience something like " My slipping away audience", then scroll down to the section called " Behaviour" and select " Slipping Away" from the " Life Cycle" dropdown.

Download the .csv file with the customer segment and use it for a newsletter marketing campaign.

I would recommend to get in touch with the slipping away customers and provide them some Email recommendations and, eventually, a little discount via a coupon code. We need to make sure to retain them. Getting in touch with them and showing them some valuable product recommendations is certainly the first step!

Golden Rule #3: Get Back to Your “Lost” Customers

Our Audience tool defines customers as “Lost” if they, statistically speaking and based on the regular purchase behaviours of your customers, will not be likely to buy again from your website.

They need your attention!

In other words, create a new segment with all your “Lost” customers in order to know the people that needs to be contacted with some coupon code / special offer / survey.

We do not want your newsletters to encounter a high bounce rate and so lower the deliverability of your campaigns. So, we need to make sure to segment only the “Lost” customers of a recent period.

It is often not worth the risk getting in touch with very old - a non active - customers.

In order to do that, in the section called “Orders”, use the “Made an order” dropdown and then through the “Less then” command, choose the number of days from today.

That is needed to restrict the range of Lost customers to segment (only those created within the latest 500 days, for instance) and will provide a better trade off between sales and deliverability.

Golden rule #4: want to improve your deliverability? Reach the Active customers only

Your newsletter database is like your body fat %: the smaller the better (usually).

If for some reason you don’t (or you can’t) periodically run a little scrub of your newsletter list, at least you can make sure to send regular campaigns to the “Active” customers only.

What is an “Active” customer?

A customer is defined “Active” by Audience if it buys more or less regularly from your ecommerce. So, it’s your most fertile soil in terms of newsletter marketing.

So, make sure to segment your “Active” customers to make sure to milk your newsletter database as much as possible. Visit

Audience –> Audiences –> Create New Audience

name your audience something like “My active customers” and then, under the section called

Behaviour –> Life Cycle

select “Active”. Then save your audience and use it!

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