Dynamic Filtering In Embed Codes

Use dynamic filtering in embedcodes to display page and situation specific content in your sliders

Clerk.io filters can be used directly in the embed codes using the data-filter attribute. This allows you to make dynamic filters in the logic based on variables in the webshop.

Below you’ll find a few examples, but you can use this in many other ways.

Display products that allow a free shipping limit to be reached:

Assuming you shop has a variable called $free_shipping_limit that contains the remaining amount needed for the customer to reach the free shipping limit, you can use a dynamic filter that looks like this, to only display products above this price point:

<span class="clerk"
      data-filter="price > $free_shipping_limit">

Display products matching a specific gender:

This example assumes your products has an attribute called gender that returns either female or male.

You then need a variable in your store containing the gender for the current product, which in this example is called $product_gender.

The embed code with the filter can then be setup like this:

<span class="clerk"
      data-filter="gender = $product_gender">

Display products of a specific type or brand:

You can filter sliders to only show products from within the same category as the product that the customer is looking at.

In this case you need a list in your store containing the product categories, which we will call $categories here. The list should look like this : $categories =[1,2,3,4,5] The filter could then be setup like this:

<span class="clerk"
      data-filter="categories in $categories">