Styling and Design

Uploading an email design from a third party tool

How to upload a design for emails from a zip file made by a third party tool.

Using to Show an Entire Category Page

See how you can use the Bestsellers in Category logic to render an entire Category with

Customizing and Styling Facets

Customise the style of your facets to fit your website.

Using our Design Editor 2.0

How to use our Design Editor 2.0

Changing the Language of your Powerstep Page using Designs

How to change the language of the text shown in your Powerstep using the Design.

Styling's Slider Arrows

Check which classes you need to modify

How to Increase Conversion Rates on your Category Pages

Identifying and Adding Add-To-Cart Buttons to your Products

Add an “Add to Cart” button to your Search and Recommendations content.

Styling Your Onsite Designs In

How to create, change, and copy Designs to be used in your products.