Email Overview

See why’s Email tool is the best on the market

Our Email Best Practices

Follow these steps and make your Email Marketing successful in no time!

How to Use Triggered Emails to Retain Customers

Save time by automatically reacting to customer behaviour.

An Overview Guide to Using Auto Email

Get the most out of Auto Email to boost reach & conversions in your webshop

Managing Subscribers in

See how to work with subscribers in, your emails and on your website

Setting Up Email Recommendations With Supported Email Clients

Check how to easily generate an embedcode for most email clients.

Working with Email Content

Automated Email Flow Content

Spend your time marketing elsewhere, by fully automating your newsletter flows

Embedding Subscriber Forms on your Website

See how to allow visitors to subscribe to your email marketing directly from your website

How to Keep Email Offers Relevant

Keep email newsletters up-to-date, no matter when they are opened

How to Use your Transactional Emails to Sell More Products

Get customers to return to your webshop directly after a purchase

Setting up Emails Triggered by Abandoned Cart

How to set up a Email campaign to be sent to customers after they abandoned their cart in your store

Styling Email Recommendations

How to work with your email designs in

Styling Your Auto Email Recommendations

How to style your Auto email recommendations using the design editor