Automated Email Flow Content

Spend your time marketing elsewhere, by fully automating your newsletter flows

Email marketing is a great way to sell but can be an intensely manual and time consuming task. From our experience, setting up fully automated recommendations alongside your existing newsletters can help you to spend less time on this task whilst leading to more sales.

Here is our current best practice for fully automated email flows:

  1. First day of the month: “We just got a lot of new arrivals” - People just got their pay-check and are ready to spend. Make use of this by sending out your most popular new products.

  2. Second week: “Our top picks for you”- Add personalised products recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history.

  3. Third week: “Look at what other customers love” - Add recommendations based on what is trending amongst other customers.

  4. Last week of the month: “End of the month sale - great savings” - Even though it’s the end of the month, you can still generate a lot of sales. Entice customers who may be short on money with your most popular sale or clearance items. This way, you get tap into additional sales and clear some stock from your shelves.

This kind of flow can help to keep your customers familiar with your brand and aware of all of your great offers in different ways.

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