How to Keep Email Offers Relevant

Keep email newsletters up-to-date, no matter when they are opened

Traditional email newsletters are a great way to sell personalised products and promote special campaigns.

When promoted products are added manually they may either be sold out by the time the customer opens the email (even if it only a few hours old), or not be personalised to their tastes. An automated recommendation engine will choose products based specifically on each customer’s habits and will always be up-to-date.

How? Live recommendations are not locked into place until the email is opened for the first time so only relevant products will be displayed.

For example:

A customer is looking at red trousers and then a newsletter is sent to their email.

Before opening the email they start searching for green shorts, showing a new interest.

The customer then goes to their inbox and opens the email you sent and the recommendations are relevant to their latest search of green shorts.

Similarly, products that are in stock at the time of sending a newsletter but out of stock by the time it is opened will not be shown to the customer.

By keeping up to date with what you have available and responding to your customers’ interests you can increase their chances of conversions.

Add this as apart of your std. template and you will never have to do this manually.

Newsletter with personalised product recommendations.

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