How to Boost Online Sales with an Add-To-Basket Page

Optimise your add-to-basket page with our power-step

The add-to-basket step takes place when customers have chosen a product to purchase but are not yet at the check-out. We like to call this feature the “power-step”, because when it’s done right, it can be a powerful way to increase your average order size.

There are many actions that can be taken when a customer places an item in their basket.

  • You can leave your customer where they are - this can cause confusion, making the customer think that your webshop doesn’t function correctly or that the action wasn’t completed

  • You can go directly to the checkout- this confirms the customer’s action but reduces the opportunity to increase the basket size

  • You can go to a middle page - this confirms the customer’s action and shows them additional products they may be interested in

We think the third option is the best because it combines the best bits of the other two, giving the customer two options:

  • to go directly to the checkout if they wish


  • to browse more items and increase their basket size

There are four main categories to include on this page to open up your catalogue, in order of suitability they are:

  1. Cross-sellling - what other customers also bought with this product

  2. Personal recommendations - products based on user click history

  3. Best sellers- popular products across your store

  4. Price Offers- lower cost, enticing items

Few web-stores offer this service so it will help to give you a unique, competitive edge.


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