How to get Extra Orders from your Order Confirmation Page

Customers may convert again, directly after completing a purchase.

For a lot of webshops, when a purchase is completed, it’s the end of the line with that customer. However, when you show your customer that their order has been completed on the Order Confirmation Page, you can also encourage them to convert again.

Showing personalised items related to their order can help your customers to discover items that they may have overlooked previously because they were too focused on their original purchase. Customers are likely to be more relaxed once they have completed a purchase because they have gotten the important bit out of the way and are therefore more responsive to the other great offers in your webshop. Once they are shown them they may convert again, directly after their original order has been confirmed.

We recommend showing these complimentary and personalised recommendations directly on the order confirmation page, along with all of the important information. This can redirect them straight back into your webshop without ever leaving.