How to Keep Selling Products from your Blogposts, News, Articles and Landing Pages

Use live recommendations to make sure that your content pages are always up-to-date and relevant.

Content pages such as blogs, news, articles and landing pages can be seen as long term content investments, but they can also hold value for here-and-now conversions. These pages can get more SEO traction the older they are, from gathering more links and shares so it is important to keep them relevant.

Manually adding products is a tedious task and on top of that, the products can go out of stock or become outdated over time. To fix this, use live recommendations - if you provide the relevant keywords for the post (such as title, or meta keywords) we can provide the customer with current products related to that content. Even years after the content has been published. This can help to reduce your bounce rate and give more direct conversions.

An example below:


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