How to Reduce your Bounce Rate and Increase your Average Basket Size from your Product Pages

Use Recommendation sliders to optimise conversions on your product page.

The product page is where you can let individual products shine by displaying product details and photos. Therefore it is important to make sure details are listed clearly, where possible include the following: name, picture, description, specifications, price and a clear call-to-action to place the item in the basket.

Recommendations can be used to cross-sell to the customer by:

  •  showing popular accessories that go well with the product


  •  showing good alternatives, popular amongst other customers

The first type is useful if the customer is sure of their decision and the second is better if they are not. As you are unable to see which of the two camps the customer falls into, it’s a good idea to include both types of recommendations  on the product page.

Once you have your chosen recommendation slider(s), you can then decide on where to place them on the product page. You can either present them below the main product or to the side.

There are pros and cons with both layouts. Placing them to the side, increases the chance that a customer will see them but showing them under product minimises distractions when the customer is focusing on a particular product.

We recommend that you test out which layout works best for you, as it can be different for different webshops.

Both are shown in the examples below


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