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Best Practices for Using Synonyms in

What it is and how to use Synonyms effectively.

Our Search Best Practices

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Customized Search

What is it and how to use Customized Search.

Using Synonyms, Redirects, and Merchandising with Search

Customizing links/URLs in your Live Search using Designs

How to adjust URLs in your Live Search Design to make sure Categories, Suggestions, and “See More Results” link correctly.

How Indexes Keywords

How Indexes Keywords Keywords are based on importance and popularity.

How to Use your No Results Page to Convert

Use your ’no results’ pages to sell even without the right product

Why You Should Not Manipulate Search Results

The reasons why changing / listing / pushing / manipulating search results is not that good for your sales

How to Use Live-Search to Optimise your Conversion Rates.

Search-as-you-type functions let customers explore your webshop from the search bar