Customizing links/URLs in your Live Search using Designs

How to adjust URLs in your Live Search Design to make sure Categories, Suggestions, and “See More Results” link correctly.

Below you’ll find instructions to double-check and modify your Category, Search Suggestion, and Search Results button URLs to ensure they link to the appropriate results in your webshop.

Category URLs

For your Category URLs, you can reference the Category data directly, just like Products. Double-check to make sure there are no spaces within category.url , and that the category link is called within the proper {{ category.url }} syntax, like the example below:

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 16.05.05

Suggestions URLs

If you’re using Suggestions in your Live Search Design, be sure to link to the appropriate URL used for search results in your webshop, and add the placeholder value

{{ suggestion }} where the suggested query should be filled in.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 16.29.58

“See More Results” Button URL

To adjust your “More Results” button in your Live Search dropdown, you’ll need to copy the native link for your webshop’s Search Results, and insert the placeholder value

{{ query }} where the search query is referenced in the link.

In the above example, with the domain, when a customer searches for " paint", then clicks " See all results for paint", this will redirect to: