How to Use Live-Search to Optimise your Conversion Rates.

Search-as-you-type functions let customers explore your webshop from the search bar

Search-as-you-type allows your customers to browse and purchase products directly from your search bar. To optimise your customers’ searching experience, display rich product information like picture, name, price, and even a call-to-action button to place the product in the basket. This will help you get the most out of Live-Search.

The search doesn’t only display matching products to the customer’s search, but also the most popular products, based on their search.

Our Live- search combines:

  • Semantic search - understanding what the customer means

  • Auto-correcting spelling mistakes - the customer should not realise that they made the spelling mistake in the first place

  • Predicting customer behaviour - this is a killer feature for any online retailer and a major competitive advantage

These functions make searching your webshop from the search bar a seamless experience for the customer and open up your catalogue in a different way.

An example of a full phrase live-search: 85% of search conversions on this store come directly from the live search.

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