Using Synonyms, Redirects, and Merchandising with Search

Using Synonyms, Redirects, and Merchandising with Search Improve your Search functionality to reduce “No Results” and non-converting searches Carlen Wilutis

Synonyms, Redirects, and Merchandising are great tools to further customize your Search Results and functionality. Below is a step-by-step guide for using each feature.


Synonyms play a pivotal role in refining search results and optimizing conversion rates by associating specific search terms with related terms to present relevant results.

  • In, click “Search” > “Synonyms” in the left-side menu, then choose “New Synonym” at the top right to create a new synonym.

  • First, add the search term that’s being queried by customers, then select which type of synonym for this search term.
    • For example, if customers are searching " canvasses" and you’d like this query to show results for “canvas”, you would put “canvasses” as your Search Term, and “canvas” as your synonym. You’re able to add as many synonyms as you’d like, separating each term with a comma.
      • Note: Bi-directional Synonyms create a two-way relationship between the term and its synonyms. In the same example, searching for “canvasses” will return results for “canvas”, and searching for “canvas” will also return results for “canvasses”

      • To create a one-way synonym, use Uni-directional Synonyms.

        • Using the same example: by setting " canvasses" as your Search Term and " canvas" as your Directed Synonym, searching for “canvasses” will show results for “canvas” but “canvas” will not show results for “canvasses”.

Important Note: Synonyms establish a bi-directional relationship between the primary term and its synonyms. In the example provided, searching for “canvasses” will display results for “canvas,” and vice versa. For scenarios requiring a one-way relationship, utilize Directed Synonyms.

Using the same example: If “canvasses” is set as the Search Term and “canvas” as the Directed Synonym, searching for “canvasses” will return results for “canvas,” but searching for “canvas” will not yield results for “canvasses.”

By strategically utilizing synonyms, you can refine search outcomes and provide users with more accurate and relevant results tailored to their queries.


Use redirects when you’d like to lead customers to a specific page based on their search queries. For example, if customers search “sale” or “discount”, rather than showing results for “sale”, you may want to lead them to

  • Just under Synonyms, you’ll find “Redirects” in the left-side menu. Click “New Redirect” to create new content here.

  • Enter the redirect URL on the next page:

  • On the following page, select " Add Another Query", then choose the desired query logic– this is where you decide if the redirected query needs to match exactly to the values you list under “Match”, or if the query just needs to contain the values you set here.

  • Click " Update Redirect" and make sure the toggle on the next page is green to enable.

First, select Merchandising from the left-side menu, and click “New Campaign” at the top right.

…next, name your Merchandising Campaign:

  • In the “Info” section, write a short description that explains how the Merchandising campaign should effect your Search results

  • In the following section, you can schedule your campaign to run until it’s manually disabled, or to only run for a specifically selected time period.

  • Under Triggers , select " When a Search…" or " On All Searches" depending on whether or not you’d like this Merchandising logic to apply to specific results or across your Search functionality.
    • If Merchandising is only to be applied to specific searches, you’ll select whether the query “matches exactly”, “is something like” or “contains” the queries you include.

  • Finally, add the rules you’d like to apply to the results shown with your new Merchandising campaign, for example, always pinning products with a price over €50 to top for searches matching “dresses”, or removing any products in the category “power tools” when the query contains “hammer”.

  • Click “Update Campaign” at the bottom corner, and check the toggle is green on your Campaigns page to be sure your new Search Merchandising campaign is enabled on your store.