Early Access Features

Guide to what Clerk.io early access features are and what current features we have.

What are Early Access Features?

Early Access Features allow you to try new Clerk.io functionalities while they are being developed. While in the development phase your feedback will help us give the final touch to those features before release.

You can access this in the same way you would with normal features. From the main dashboard, head to Settings -> Features.

Early Access

The Features

No Stop Words:

Stop words are the most common words in any language (like articles, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, etc) and does not add much information to the text. Examples of a few stop words in English are “the”, “a”, “an”, “so”, “what”.

When you enable this feature you disable all stop words trimming when performing search.

Order Scoring:

Clerk.io will continue to check text descriptions and relevance as with the normal search feature but we re-rank the products afterwards based on sales data. In short, order history of your store has a greater impact when showing and ranking search results.

Search Algorithm:

This works in the same way as the standard search feature but is also able to look for multiple languages within text descriptions. It does automatically without you having to do anything. Currently supported for the following languages: Danish, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Spanish and Polish.

Sku Search Optimization:

We handle SKU’s in search differently so that you are able to find exact product matches to SKU search’s rather than being suggested products that match the input. Clerk, optimises identification of skus that are non ordinary in the product texts.

Spell Fix:

Autocorrect is now more accurate across different languages.

The Early access features can be toggled on/off any time you want. Changes made through the settings may take up to one hour to apply.