How Does Measure the Impact on Sales?

Check when a sale is considered a sale.

One of the great things about’s Dashboard is that you can see exactly which orders were impacted by and how much better these orders are, with precise details.

An order is considered to be impacted by if a customer has added a product to their order through Recommendations or Search. only measures a sale through if the customer goes through these 3 steps in their session:

  1. They click a product through a recommendation or search result.

  2. They proceed to put the product in their basket.

  3. They place the order with the product in their basket.

Any other products in the order that were bought elsewhere in the webshop, for example through categories, are shown as Organic Sales in the Order Details:

This means that you can always see the exact impact the has had on your orders.

Statistical significance

We often get the question of whether the Clerk impacted orders, would not have contained the same products even if Clerk was not used on the website.

It’s true that it’s impossible to know whether a customer would or would not have bought the same products by looking at any 1 order.

That’s why we at Clerk believe in transparent, statistical significance, which can always be seen through the Dashboard.

After all, if more than 100 orders have been impacted by, and these orders have an average of 10% increase in basket size and order value, it can no longer be by chance that Clerk makes customers buy more.

This is visualised on the main Dashboard: