Why are the Clerk.io elements not displayed when I activate them in an extension or plugin?

Check the most common issues when elements do not show up.

When implementing Clerk.io on your webshop, you might see that your changes do not take effect when using an Extension.

Often this happens because of one of these reasons:

  • You have an external cache system like CloudFlare, which is still displaying the old version of the page, without the sliders or search.

  • You have a pagebuilder or other plugin that is blocking the Clerk.io extension from adding the elements.

If using an external cache make sure that you clear the cache completely after you have saved your changes in the extension.

If you have already tried this, or do not use an external cache, the elements are likely not showing up because another extension or a Pagebuilder is blocking the extension from inserting the Content.

In this case, you need to treat your setup as a Custom Platform Setup and manually insert the embedcodes.

Check this guide for how to do this with Website Content.