How to Fix Common Shopify Errors When Importing Data to

See how to get Data Sync running if your Shopify webshop returns an error

When importing data with the Shopify extension, the webshops server is responsible for sending the product- category- and sales-data to

However in some cases, the servers configuration might stop the Importer from getting access, causing an error in Data Sync.

Below is a list of the most common errors and how to fix them.

401 Server Error: Unauthorized

This error happens if your webshop/dev environment requires HTTP authentication to access it.

This is solved simply by inserting the Username and Password as part of the Import URL:

Shopify permissions error:  This action requires merchant approval for read_content scope.

This error usually happens if you have not given Read Access to Store content like articles, blogs, comments, pages and redirects in your Private App.

To fix it:

1. Login to Shopify and go to Apps -> Manage Private Apps -> (or the name you gave the App).

2. Scroll to Admin API Permissions, and click on Review disabled Admin API permissions.

3. Find Store content like articles, blogs, comments, pages and redirects and choose Read access:

4. Then scroll to the top of the page and click Save