Dashboards & Insights

How to Read the Audience Insights Dashboard

Make sure you're getting the most out of Clerk.io Audience


Audience Overview

At the top of the Audiences dashboard, you'll find your Audience groups broken out by name.

At a glance, you'll find:

  • Lifetime Value of each customer within the Audience

  • Count: Number of customers within the Audience

  • Average Orders and Average Basket Size made by each customer in the Audience

  • Yearly Orders made and Yearly Revenue generated by each customer in the Audience

  • Churn: Percentage of Audience members who have churned from the webshop

Click "See Audience" to get more details around each group and set filters around their product interests and purchases. You're also able to filter by the Audience's email subscription status, purchase behavior, and order stats.

Active Customers

The Active Customers breakdown is a high-level overview of your total customer count now vs. what that count was 1, 3, 6, and 12 months ago. Use this to track overall growth in your customer base over time.

Customer Base Growth

In addition to showing the volume of customers in your store over time, the Customer Base Growth chart breaks down these customers further into New, Active, Slipping Away and Lost groups. You can filter to a specific timeframe or specific Audience to dig deeper here.

Most Valuable Audiences

Here you'll find the potential lifetime value of each Audience, broken down by their Active status. The blue bar visualizes the proportion of revenue generated vs. other Audiences if your store tapped into the full potential value that Audience.

The Customer Value vs. Risk matrix is another visualization of the same information, with the total customer count in each Active Status x Audience cross-section also provided.