How to Read the Recommendations Insights Dashboard

Tips for interpreting the Recommendations Dashboard to make sure you’re getting the most out of

Statistics used throughout are from store activity made in the time frame filtered at the top of the page (default is 30 days).

Customer Use, Conversion, and Purchasing with Recommendations

The first section of the Recommendation Insights dashboard breaks down key metrics, including:

  1. Percentage of your webshop’s visitors who click through Recommendations

  2. The increase in probability that a customer will convert after clicking on Recommendations compared to the likelihood of conversion without using Recommendations

  3. Percentage of customers whose Orders include Products found using Recommendations

  4. Increase in Order values when Orders include Products found through Recommendations (compared to orders without Products found via Recommendations)

Added Order Value

The Added Order Value section of the dashboard breaks down the revenue added to your store through Recommendations.

Added Revenue is calculated by:

(# of Orders that include products found using Recommendations)


(Average increase in Products in an Order when the Order includes Products found using Recommendations)



Added Revenue

Best Selling Recommendations

Best Selling Recommendations showcase the effect each labeled Recommendation type has on your store’s Revenue, Average Basket Size, Average Order Value, and ROI, as well as the total Views that Recommendation has gotten in the filtered time frame .

  1. Labels for Recommendations are defined by you in, typically describing the page location and logic of Recommendations that appear in that slider. The first Recommendation listed in this example appears at the Add-to-Basket step on the webshop, and shows Products that others also bought.

  2. Revenue shows the revenue gained from Products found using the labeled Recommendations.

  3. Average Basket Size shows the average basket size of orders including Products found using the labeled Recommendations, as well as the percent increase in basket size from these Recommendations vs. the store average.

  4. Average Order Value shows the average value of an Order that includes Products found using the specified Recommendations, and the percent increase in Order value from Recommendations vs. the store average.

  5. ROI is the return on investment for each labeled Recommendation, based on the minimum price of an impression, compared to how much they make

  6. Views are the total views of the labeled Recommendations in the filtered time frame.