How to Read the Search Insights Dashboard

Understanding the metrics shown through the Search Dashboard to make sure you’re getting the most out of

Access Search Insights from the main Search option on the left-side menu:

At the top of the Search Insights Dashboard, you’ll find the Search Overview

  • Percentage of website visitors who use search when shopping on your webshop.

  • Percentage of customers buying products using search

  • The change in likelihood that customers will convert to sales after searching compared to their conversion without searching

  • The change in average order value when orders include products found through Search vs. orders made without including products found via Search

Search Statistics

Search Statistics provide an overview of:

  • Total number of searches made in the filtered time frame

    • By default, 1 API call = 1 search usage count. Searches returning “No results” searches count as 0 usage.
      • Some scenarios, such as predictive updates of search and non-product searches, count as 0.2 usage.
  • Percentage of searches made that returned 0 results

  • Percentage of searches that were misspelled

  • Amount of revenue saved from misspelled searches redirected to the correct results

  • Rate at which customers click through Search results

Most Profitable Searches

The Most Profitable Searches section shows the Live Search queries that generate the most revenue for your webshop. The table can be sorted by:

  • Count : Number of searches made with the specified query

  • Revenue: Revenue generated from the specified query

  • Revenue / Search: Revenue per search, calculated as Revenue divided by Count

  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of instances where the search query results in a placed Order

  • Misspell Rate: Percentage of instances where the search query is misspelled

Other tables read the same way as “Most Profitable Searches” include the “Most Popular Searches” and “Most Misspelled Searches”.

Non-Converting & No Results Searches

Non-Converting Searches are queries that your webshop’s visitors have made that do not result in orders being placed, while No Results Searches are the top queries made in your shop that do not return any search results.

In each of these tables, you can manually add products to be shown when these queries are made, as well as add synonyms for the search query to improve results and boost the likelihood of conversion.