How to use Recommendations on your Frontpage

Give your customers a great introduction to your webshop


Your webshop’s frontpage is like a shop window in a high street store. It is there to get customers interested in your webshop. By showing recommendation sliders on the front page, you can pique customers’ interests because you are displaying your most enticing items.  

We recommend these three styles of recommendations: 

  • Bestsellers - these are items that are always popular amongst your customers over a long period of time 

  • Trending - these are items that are hot at the moment. As with bestsellers they are popular for a reason, customers tend to buy alike because of the security of social proof, so it is a good idea to show popular products

  • Personalised - If they are a returning customer - which is quite likely if they come directly to your main page - you should have click- or even buying-history on them. If they have entered through a search engine directly to a product page, you also have some information on their interests. 

These groups of recommendations can help to show your catalogue off without overwhelming customers. They will tend to be relevant as many other customers were also interested in them or because they have been tailored to returning customers’ interests. 


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